Not intended to be an official extension

1 0 Proposed by Amaury Bouchard, @geekcto



This extension allows direct HTML embedding inside a SkrivML document.

It is not intended to be an official extensions, because of obvious security issues. It really should not be activated by default.
But it could be pretty useful when the rendering context is restrained.

At the implementation level:

  • An automatic HTML validation and correction should be done, using HTML Tidy or HTMLPurifier.
  • Non-HTML renderers may try to convert the given HTML code into something useable, or they could simply remove it.


No parameter

Code example

An example of table with merged cells:

        <td>First cell</td>
        <td>Second cell</td>
        <td colspan="2">Third cell</td>

As a result, the given HTML code will be directly inserted in the page.


Written by Sefran on 2016-07-31

For help for migrate site in pure html.
For include web2 features and iframes

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